We are the fans of Cleveland Sports. We grew up with tales of the great Jim Brown. We stood mesmerized as Bernie masterminded that incredible, double-overtime playoff victory against the Jets in 1986. We know in our hearts that the 1997 Tribe was the best team in baseball. We were thrilled when Lebron announced he was coming back home in 2014. And we are SO PROUD of our 2016 WORLD CHAMPION CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!! We are BELIEVELAND. We are the fans of Cleveland Sports.

When in doubt - TAILGATE!

As many Cleveland Sports fans will tell you, success is measured both on and off the field. In order to keep spirits high, a positive tailgate atmosphere must be maintained at all times. Rules for that are pretty simple: get there early; bring four times as much food as any humans could possibly consume; make sure your cooler is well stocked; don't wear too many layers during cornhole as it messes with your form; and most of all, come clean with opposing teams' scouts as to whether or not you are a player. When in the stadium yell loud; stay until the end of the game; taunt the other team vigorously; and expect greatness out of the stewards of our franchises.

After all, this is football; there are rules.